Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend with the girls!

Every month my friends and I get together for dinner or a movie usually. Each one of us is in charge of a month throughout the year. Shayla had March and took us up to her in-laws house in midway for the weekend. We had so much fun talking and eating to our hearts content. It was really fun to relive the younger years of having sleepovers on the weekends with friends. We stayed up so late and hardly got any sleep, but we loved it and want to plan a new weekend soon!!!

Me, Shayla, McCall, Jessica, and Ashley

There is an indoor swimming pool just a few houses down. We got in our swimsuits and walked in the freezing cold to the building, as soon as we got there, we read a sign that said, "sorry for the inconvience, we are closed for maintanence" WHAT!!!! We were so sad to not be able to swim and hot tub. Maybe next time. So we just went back and lounged around in our suits.

ohhh we were being silly!!! Its a normal part of our life. haha

We finally got in our pjs and layed around the fire to try and stay warm. We stayed up and talked all night until we were too delirious to understand eachother.
I had so much fun with you guys!!! Thanks for the fun weekend!!!
Loves and Kisses to you!!!!


Devin, Abby, and Grady said...

That's so fun! There's nothing better than sleepovers.

Seth and Shayla said...

Jessica looks cooks haha that was great cute pictures. I will write more from now on love ya

Paige said...

fun fun fun....It looks like a blast! I love the last picture where the bra is hanging on the couch it made me laugh hard