Friday, February 20, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Last night I got together with my best friends from high school. We only get together about once a year, and when we do you can't shut us up. We have so much fun talking,talking,talking. I think our waiters always get annoyed when it is like the sixth time they come over to get our order and we still haven't look at the menu.....sorry, we've been chatting! haha It is always great to get together and see what everyone is doing and how their lives are going. I love these girls so much and miss them everyday. Thanks girls for such a fun night!!!!

Tawny, Lacy, Jessica, Ashley and me


Anonymous said...

I loooove getting together with all of you! Can we please, please please make it more often than once a year?! And you're right - we do talk a lot. And probably would've kept going if the restaurant wasn't closing!! haha.

Love you tons!

Paige said...

GOOD for YOU!! girlfriends are the best...keep up the get togethers....they are always good for you!! looks like a blast