Saturday, July 19, 2008

Draper Days Rodeo!

YEE HAA!!! Austin and I went to the Rodeo in Draper on Friday with our friends Matt and Britt. We had a blast! Draper holds a rodeo every year for 2 days during the Drapers days. It is quite the popular thing to do I guess...we couldn't find seats forever. It was packed!
The Rodeo had tons of events to watch. The bull riding I have to say is the best though, I think everyone can agree. Its just so exciting to see those massive animals trying to kick the cowboys off their back.

We Love Matt and Britt!!!
Austin even wore his cowboy shirt. Don't you think he looks handsome?


Brandon and Tenille said...

Oh I use to go to that on dates when I was in high school all the time I miss it and your right it is alot of fun epsecially when you go with good friends. Looks like you guys had a great time.

McCall said...

I love the Draper Rodeo! And I'm not even that into Rodeo's. ;) Too bad I missed that and Draper Days this year! I heard it was fun though. Are you going to the High School Reunion???

Seth and Shayla said...

I had no idea it was draper days rodeo I am so sad. did you go watch the firworks?

Abby Ras said...

Chels you look beautiful as always. How have you been feeling? I hope you're doing better! I LOVE Britt! That's fun you guys still hang out. We should get together sometime... with Jess Lund too.